Festhalle Oktoberfest 2020

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The traditional food tents which became the symbol of Oktoberfest are called Festhalle. Inside, not only beer is served but also roast chicken, würstel and traditional Bavarian dishes with pork meat.

We must say in advance that prices are not cheap, a single meal or a mug of beer will cost no less than 12 Euro, but the joyful atmosphere, the music and the people will make you forget the economic side.

While sitting at a table inside the Festhalle you will be soon approached by young smiling girls selling gifts such as hats and t-shirts, who are always available for a souvenir picture.


Main Tents of the Oktoberfest (Festhalle Oktoberfest 2020)

The main tents correspond to the main 6 beer brands: Paulaner, Spaten, Hofbräu, Hacker-Pschorr, Augustiner and Löwenbräu.

Each tent has their own kind of music with the corresponding mood inside the Festhalle.

On top of the list you will surely find the Schottenhamel Spaten (not to confuse with Spaten Brau): at weekends this tent turns into a hell of a place, with rock music played live and thousands of people singing along on the benches. Bands play classic rock songs (Brian Adams, Queen..) as well as popular Bavarian songs.

Another not-to-miss tent is the Hacker-Pschorr: always crowded with Munich citizens in the weekends, this tent shows painted walls representing life scenes of Munich in the past century.



If you prefer a quieter place, then the Paulaner should be your choice: music and fun
are always there, although in a more relaxed manner.

A special mention goes to the Hippodrom, the first tent which is situated at the entrance of the park. This is considered the most exclusive tent of Theresienwiese, and if you show up in short trousers and sport shoes, you are likely to be rejected!!! Inside this tent the orange colour dominates the scene, with tens of wooden horses hanging out from the ceiling. Here Spaten beer is served.

Take a look around at the people in the tent, you might spot many famous persons such as football players of the city football team.
The “solemn” entrance of the band on the terrace is an event on its own: all musicians drink from a big mug before starting to play.

Since 2014 Hippodrom was closed and replaced by Marstall tent



What happens outside

All areas outside the tents are alcohol-free, therefore it is prohibited to bring any drinks. Police ensures that nobody hangs around with mugs.
Sunday drinkers can purchase 0.5l mugs at the various kiosks present in the park. Here the Franziskaner beer is served, a very good bavarian beer using a natural fermentation technique.

For those who want to eat, there is a wide choice available: meat sandwiches, Bretzel and all kinds of würstel, and for strong stomachs: fish kebabs of the Fischbraterei !!

Finally, beer after beer you will get to a huge meadow behind the Hippodrom Marstall and Schottenammel tents, another must-see-place to take a break from all the drinking…

oktoberfest music

oktoberfest music

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